Eye shadow pallet, blush-on, eye liners, foundation, lipsticks and make-up brushes, who would have thought that these would be my new paraphernalia’s? Exploring the depth of colors, generating techniques and using faces as my canvas to bring into existence the craft of my imagination. Yes! Make-up has been a huge part of my life now. It never came into my mind that make-up would be so much fun and that it would bring out the artistic side of me.

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When I was young, my mom would not allow me to wear make-up and that it would just damaged my skin. From then on, I stay away from make-ups and just wear one when a professional make-up artist would do it for me during special occasions. I just learned the wonderful and artistic ways of make-up 4 years ago when I see this girl on YouTube. You guess it right! It’s now the ever famous make-up artist Michelle Phan. I have watched every single video tutorials that she had ever uploaded on YouTube. I’m not being exaggerated, but I mean I really watched it not only a couple of times but hundreds of times. She just got me off guard and took my heart away. Everything about make-up I learned it from her and just by watching her tutorials. Michelle Phan has become my inspiration in the make-up industry. She just simply make it easy for every woman in the world to learn make-up. It really make a difference to boost yourself a little bit and feel pretty at one point in your life. That is how Michelle influences my confidence and bring out the make-up artistry in me. I love all her videos, especially the Barbie transformation tutorial (shown in the YouTube link below) which had hit 48 million views on YouTube. Now, she now have her own make-up brand which is the Em Cosmetics which I’m dying to have my hands on. Unfortunately, Em Cosmetics are not yet available for shipment here in United Kingdom so I’m really looking forward to it.

After watching Michelle’s videos, I have practiced doing make-up on my own. I even get my friends to make their faces as my canvas. Good thing they trusted me with what I do, even sometimes I messed it up. Fortunate enough they didn’t kill me for it (LOL!). Through make-ups I have met a lot of friends and even became a the official make-up artist of one of the large groups of photographers in the Philippines. Shown below are some of my make-up portfolios when I was starting my make-up artist journey. I know I have a lot of flaws in my make-up but I won’t give-up until I conquer it. I love make-up and I am enjoying myself in this industry.

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