The London underground, the tube or the underground was one of the few things that astound me when I got here in England. Who would have imagine that under the City of London was tunnels for trains to pass by. I find it a pretty amazing way to travel around London. With the tube map on hand, you would never get lost in it. Of course at first, the tube map was a complete alien to me. At a first glance, you would never understand those lines. However, once you get to understand these lines in the map, you’ll realise it is not a rocket science. It is a very simple and convenient map to use to know your way around the tube.


Everyday millions of people uses the tube as their means of transportation from home to their work, college or whatever part of London they’re heading to. For most of the people, it is a very convenient and fastest way to go to their destination. However, for other people they find it scary and troublesome.

Another coolest thing about the London Underground is that you use oyster cards as your ticket for the train. When I first git here in London, I asked one of the staff on how do I get in one of the train? Do I need to buy ticket? He told me, you need to buy an oyster sweetheart. I replied back, An oyster? Is that the thing you find in the sea With pearls in it? Oh! That would be too expensive. (LOL!) Just kidding! I’m just being silly. Of course my travelling agency have oriented me with these kinds of things before I went to London. Oyster card comes in plain blue card. however mine is personalised with my picture in it. I just want my picture in. Talking about being vain.

I encountered a lot of different kinds of people inside the London Underground. Different ages, different races, ethnic background and even people with different talents. I even enjoyed seeing couples being so cuddly in the train. Love is in the tube. But just don’t overdo it mates or maybe just get a room.


I have also encountered different kinds of emotions and dramas inside the tube. I get frustrated when there is train disruptions. I get agitated to people who really don’t mind the gap. I get bored counting numbers of stations to my destinations. I feel stupid when after all the efforts of counting those stations I found out I missed my target station. I feel cheeky when a gentleman offers me his seat. I feel inspired when I see the staff members facing all the troubles dealing with all the passengers. I feel shocked when someone jumps in front of the train. Maybe they thought they could be the next James Bond. It is a never-ending place for emotions.


My experience in London Underground was one of the most well treasured moments in my life. I just feel so fortunate I get to experience this amazing kind of transportation. This is one part of my life that I could never forget, unless I got amnesia or dementia In the future. But seriously, this is one side of my story that I would be proud to share with my future children and grand children.

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