Being a NURSE is seriously not a simple job. Nurses take care of people whom are complete strangers to them. Showing concern and giving care to patients are not just mere responsibilities of a NURSE. It is a passion and devotion for work. Caring is not just an act of showing you care, it is a feeling that you passed over to those who are in need of care. Nurses are always the one who monitors your vital signs, assist you in your activities of daily living, keeps an eye on you when you sleep, and make sure you have taken the right medication.

We’re not just maidens who clean someone else’s ass. We help you cope with any disabilities, we aid in the treatment of your diseases, and most of all gives care even at the last-minute of one’s life. Different nurses from around the world have their own stories to tell. Experienced tough moments at work, but still managed to carry on with their tasks. Nurses are professionals and we face every shifts of our work with convictions.

I am a Nurse and I’m proud to be one. I’m proud of my work and I am proud to all the nurses in the world.