Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog site “My Hidden Thoughts: The Barefaced Side of LIfe“. This is my personal blog which would serve as my mediator to reach everyone about any thoughts I have in mind to anything interesting. I could be about fashion, make-up products that I have tried, recent movies that I have watched, anime, manga, great cuisines and different kinds of foods from different part of the world. Places that I have been through. I could even share my experiences as a nurse and share my nursing diaries with everyone.

This Blog is to share new thoughts and to interact with your thoughts about a particular topic. You may never know, you’re thoughts might be significant to other people reading this blog or it might as well a key solution to my own problems as well.

Let’s all have some fun as I share this blog to you.

It’s me Camilla, sharing my hidden thoughts to you… 🙂