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The London underground, the tube or the underground was one of the few things that astound me when I got here in England. Who would have imagine that under the City of London was tunnels for trains to pass by. I find it a pretty amazing way to travel around London. With the tube map on hand, you would never get lost in it. Of course at first, the tube map was a complete alien to me. At a first glance, you would never understand those lines. However, once you get to understand these lines in the map, you’ll realise it is not a rocket science. It is a very simple and convenient map to use to know your way around the tube.


Everyday millions of people uses the tube as their means of transportation from home to their work, college or whatever part of London they’re heading to. For most of the people, it is a very convenient and fastest way to go to their destination. However, for other people they find it scary and troublesome.

Another coolest thing about the London Underground is that you use oyster cards as your ticket for the train. When I first git here in London, I asked one of the staff on how do I get in one of the train? Do I need to buy ticket? He told me, you need to buy an oyster sweetheart. I replied back, An oyster? Is that the thing you find in the sea With pearls in it? Oh! That would be too expensive. (LOL!) Just kidding! I’m just being silly. Of course my travelling agency have oriented me with these kinds of things before I went to London. Oyster card comes in plain blue card. however mine is personalised with my picture in it. I just want my picture in. Talking about being vain.

I encountered a lot of different kinds of people inside the London Underground. Different ages, different races, ethnic background and even people with different talents. I even enjoyed seeing couples being so cuddly in the train. Love is in the tube. But just don’t overdo it mates or maybe just get a room.


I have also encountered different kinds of emotions and dramas inside the tube. I get frustrated when there is train disruptions. I get agitated to people who really don’t mind the gap. I get bored counting numbers of stations to my destinations. I feel stupid when after all the efforts of counting those stations I found out I missed my target station. I feel cheeky when a gentleman offers me his seat. I feel inspired when I see the staff members facing all the troubles dealing with all the passengers. I feel shocked when someone jumps in front of the train. Maybe they thought they could be the next James Bond. It is a never-ending place for emotions.


My experience in London Underground was one of the most well treasured moments in my life. I just feel so fortunate I get to experience this amazing kind of transportation. This is one part of my life that I could never forget, unless I got amnesia or dementia In the future. But seriously, this is one side of my story that I would be proud to share with my future children and grand children.

I don’t have the rights to own this pictures. These pictures belongs to instagramer #tubeinblackandwhite please follow him on instagram

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I love this fall tree house hotel… Dream vacation. 😉

There’s something magic about the idea of sleeping in a wooden cabin out in the fresh air. Childhood memories meet an adult sense of adventure, especially if it’s up in the treetops or on an island in the middle of a lake. Take a look at the  five tree-house hotels and country cabins for a Fall getaway with a difference.

In the middle of Normandy, La Cabane Perchée is a tree-house that blends into the Fall colors of the ancient oak that supports it. You can’t get much deeper into the Great Outdoors than this pine cabin complete with terrace, at the top its own tiny staircase. Inside, is the pared-down warmth and comfort of a wooden cabin with everything you need for a weekend up in the treetops while back on firm ground, the surrounding countryside with its rolling fields stretches as far as the eye can see…

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Spoiler Alert! I do not claim the rights to own Hajime no Ippo. This is just a review of my thoughts about the anime episode 1 & 2 and the manga episodes.


The third season of Hajime no Ippo was out on crunchyroll last October 3, 2013. The anime version has surprised us with the opening fight of Makunouchi Ippo and Shimabukuro Iwao. It was then shown in the anime the flashback of Ippo’s memories of his    father. This flashback has been significant to their match as both grew up with the sea as part of their lives. Shimabukuro grew up as a fisherman in Okinawa and use the sea as a training ground to his advantage in building up his stamina. This gave Shimabukuro the confidence to declare to the public that he would defeat Makunouchi’s demsey roll. In the manga series of Hajime no Ippo, it was shown that before their match, Shimabukuro visits Makunouchi in their house because he was dying to see the ocean and Ippo was the only person he knows who could show him the sea. Ippo warmly accepts him and shows him the ocean. However, to Shimabukuro’s surprise, the ocean in Tokyo Bay was beyond to what he expected. No blue sky, no blue water, very far from what he see in Okinawa.


After seeing Makunouchi in person, Shimabukuro was looking forward to a match between two men of the sea. However, Shimabukuro didn’t sense any fisherman’s pride in Ippo, which led him to disappointments. He also added that Tokyo Bay is a filthy place and should not be called an ocean. True seaman should not live in such a place. In return, Ippo answered him that this place (Tokyo Bay) doesn’t compare to Okinawa. However, this is the sea that both his parents love and for him this is the World’s greatest sea.

In the lights of their conversation, Ippo’s mother shows up and met Shimabukuro. He then sense the fisherman’s pride in Ippo’s mother by smelling her and took back all the things he have had said to Ippo and admits that Ippo was truly a son of a fisherman. Before he left, he leave Ippo a message to ponder Asking him how long he can stay under water without breathing?


Makunouchi’s training has been seriously tough because of the threat of Shimabukuro defeating the demsey roll. One week before the fight, Ippo got severe muscle strains on his lower limbs that hinders him to do more trainings. Coach Komogawa, his coach, i nstructs him to float in the pool without moving to relax his muscles. Aoki then ask Kumi Mashiba to look after Ippo making sure he won’t do unnecessary movements. Unfortunately for Kumi, Itagaki and his sister was also there to look for Ippo. Floating in water had help Ippo to relax his muscles and regain his energy. After the following days after floating on water, Ippo returned to the gym with high adrenalin and started practicing with mitts together with Coach Komogawa. Ippo’s high spirit had left him fight subconsciously, forgetting that he is just practicing mitts with his coach that almost injured Komogawa. Luckily for Komogawa, Takamura was there to stop Ippo’s rage.

Hajime no Ippo has a lot of surprises to give Which is one of the things that I love about this anime. It never fails to surprise me. Funny antics are really sublime and made me laugh ’til I drop. For instance, the weigh in of Shimabukuro and Makunouchi before their match. Due to the tension felt by both fighters, Ippo unintentionally taken off all his clothes including his underpants leaving him naked in front of the media. Luckily for the kids, it was not shown in the anime. (LOL!)


The fight of Shimabukuro and Makunouchi was indeed interesting. It was the first time Ippo had fought a challenger which is smaller than him. Shimabukuro was no doubt a strong and tough challenger. It was rather a quick phase of events in the anime series. However, if you want a detailed information about the match of these two boxers you can read them on manga starting on episode 425. It has been a long in fight match that left them both cyanotic (bluish discoloration of the skin) due to hypoxia or prolonged time of insufficient oxygen supply in the body. There was a time that Makunouchi was desperate and fighting subconsciously and his body automatically moves because he remembers the fundamentals of boxing his coach had taught him. In the end, Makunouchi caught Shimabukuro off guard and end the match with his signature move/attack the demsey roll.

I really love the part where in Shimabukuro accepted defeat and told himself that Makunouchi was not a man of the sea, that he is a pure, unadulterated boxer. Too bad for Shimabukuro, boxing is not in the sea, it is in the ring. He is fighting as a fisherman, while Ippo was fighting as a boxer. Makunouchi once again won his Fourth defense in Japanese Featherweight Title. KO time: 7round 2:15. Makunouchi Ippo 17 fights 16 Wins 16KO 1Lose.

Eye shadow pallet, blush-on, eye liners, foundation, lipsticks and make-up brushes, who would have thought that these would be my new paraphernalia’s? Exploring the depth of colors, generating techniques and using faces as my canvas to bring into existence the craft of my imagination. Yes! Make-up has been a huge part of my life now. It never came into my mind that make-up would be so much fun and that it would bring out the artistic side of me.

316424_2052283548501_559200270_n   303503_1993297713892_1272672464_n   316759_1982748730174_934164074_n

When I was young, my mom would not allow me to wear make-up and that it would just damaged my skin. From then on, I stay away from make-ups and just wear one when a professional make-up artist would do it for me during special occasions. I just learned the wonderful and artistic ways of make-up 4 years ago when I see this girl on YouTube. You guess it right! It’s now the ever famous make-up artist Michelle Phan. I have watched every single video tutorials that she had ever uploaded on YouTube. I’m not being exaggerated, but I mean I really watched it not only a couple of times but hundreds of times. She just got me off guard and took my heart away. Everything about make-up I learned it from her and just by watching her tutorials. Michelle Phan has become my inspiration in the make-up industry. She just simply make it easy for every woman in the world to learn make-up. It really make a difference to boost yourself a little bit and feel pretty at one point in your life. That is how Michelle influences my confidence and bring out the make-up artistry in me. I love all her videos, especially the Barbie transformation tutorial (shown in the YouTube link below) which had hit 48 million views on YouTube. Now, she now have her own make-up brand which is the Em Cosmetics which I’m dying to have my hands on. Unfortunately, Em Cosmetics are not yet available for shipment here in United Kingdom so I’m really looking forward to it.

After watching Michelle’s videos, I have practiced doing make-up on my own. I even get my friends to make their faces as my canvas. Good thing they trusted me with what I do, even sometimes I messed it up. Fortunate enough they didn’t kill me for it (LOL!). Through make-ups I have met a lot of friends and even became a the official make-up artist of one of the large groups of photographers in the Philippines. Shown below are some of my make-up portfolios when I was starting my make-up artist journey. I know I have a lot of flaws in my make-up but I won’t give-up until I conquer it. I love make-up and I am enjoying myself in this industry.

311566_1930086813659_1599213_n   308610_2020087903630_1579278285_n  297824_1922555145372_4839518_n  303016_2003533089770_1610891273_n   296331_2103090338639_886243408_n   317429_2003613811788_1839502542_n   298750_2020166785602_1953753981_n


Be A Proud Nurse.

Being a NURSE is seriously not a simple job. Nurses take care of people whom are complete strangers to them. Showing concern and giving care to patients are not just mere responsibilities of a NURSE. It is a passion and devotion for work. Caring is not just an act of showing you care, it is a feeling that you passed over to those who are in need of care. Nurses are always the one who monitors your vital signs, assist you in your activities of daily living, keeps an eye on you when you sleep, and make sure you have taken the right medication.

We’re not just maidens who clean someone else’s ass. We help you cope with any disabilities, we aid in the treatment of your diseases, and most of all gives care even at the last-minute of one’s life. Different nurses from around the world have their own stories to tell. Experienced tough moments at work, but still managed to carry on with their tasks. Nurses are professionals and we face every shifts of our work with convictions.

I am a Nurse and I’m proud to be one. I’m proud of my work and I am proud to all the nurses in the world.

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